First Bitcoin Granted ATM Patent


The Bitcoin ATM is covered by U.S. Patent No. 9,135,787 for a “Bitcoin Kiosk/ATM Device and System Integrating Enrollment Protocol and Method of Using the Same.” All Bitcoin ATMs and Kiosks manufactured in the U.S., all Bitcoin ATMs and Kiosks sold in the U.S., and all Bitcoin ATMs and Kiosks operated in the U.S. are covered by this patent. To read the complete patent, go to The Patent page. It includes the entire patent with its key Claims highlighted. Or you can check out the patent at Google Patents or the Patent Office website.

Bitcoin ATM Patent, LLC was established to license this patent. Bitcoin ATM Patent, LLC will NOT be licensing the Bitcoin ATM and Bitcoin Kiosk manufacturers or the Bitcoin ATM and Bitcoin Kiosk owner/operators. Instead, Bitcoin ATM Patent, LLC will be directly licensing each individual user of every Bitcoin ATM and Bitcoin Kiosk in the U.S. – charging a one-time patent license fee for each transaction – through arrangements with the Bitcoin ATM servicing companies.

As a free service to the Bitcoin community, this website will feature the Authorized Bitcoin ATM Directory. It will list all of the Bitcoin ATMs and Bitcoin Kiosks throughout the U.S. that are programmed to collect a per-transaction patent license fee from its users.

The acquisition of this patent was brokered by IPOfferings LLC, a leading patent broker and provider of intellectual property consulting, patent valuation and other patent brokerage services.

First Bitcoin ATM Patent

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