Yuri Abramov


Areas Of Expertise

  • Applied Physics

  • Mathematician

  • Software Developer

  • Masters of Science in Theoretical Physics from the Institute of Chemical Physics

For more than three decades, Yuri has applied his superior analytical skills and expertise to advance the field of applied physics in his work as a mathematician, algorithms and software developer, engineer and inventor.
Yuri holds a Masters of Science in Theoretical Physics and Chemical Physics from the Institute of Chemical Physics from the Russian Academy of Sciences in Moscow, Russia.

Among his numerous unparalleled qualifications and credentials, Yuri is an expert problem solver in the areas of digital signal processing for video-compressions as well as for high speed wireless communications.
Yuri is experienced in developing novel algorithms in MATLAB and C/C++ as well as SAW-filters hardware design, which are inherent attributes in many of today’s state-of-the-art electronic systems and are developed to improve Tx-Rx Communication Systems by communication sensitivity.

In addition, Yuri developed a SAW-coprocessor for wireless modems operating in UWB (ultra-wide band) frequency range that are destined for super-high-speed data communication.

His business background includes acting as a projects leader for Soliton-SAW Ltd., for 14 years where he worked in consulting and implementation, algorithms and software development and modeling and designing.

Yuri has at least multiple inventions that are registered as patents including Signal Processing Method Utilizing the SAW Velocity Dispersion Effect for Weighting by Shaping the Electrode Fingers of a SAW Interdigital Transducer and Apparatus, signal processing utilizing SAW wave guides, image processing methods for digital quantization and others.

Yuri has contributed to nearly 40 scientific publications with various articles on analysis, methods and applications of SAW filters design, algorithms for video encoding and others.

He currently works in the field of Ultra-Wide Band Communication applied to coax-cable defects localization.

Yuri is the younger brother of Dr. Vyacheslav M. Abramov, who was recently appointed Chairman to the company’s advisory board.

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