Our Team

Greg Rubin

CEO / Director

Greg Rubin is an international energy products investor, with experience in working in the Russian oil market for 10 years in engineering, site planning, drilling, geophysics, and refinery operations.

Yuri Abramov


For more than three decades, Yuri has applied his superior analytical skills and expertise to advance the field of applied physics in his work as a mathematician, algorithms and software developer, engineer and inventor.

Vyacheslav Abramov

Chairman of the Advisory Board

Dr. Vyacheslav M. Abramov is the Chairman of the Advisory Board A leading financial professor, Dr. Abramov holds a PHD in mathematics from Tel Aviv University.

Simon Rubin

Chairman of the Board

Simon currently serves as the chairman of the board for First Bitcoin Capital. Simon is a serial entrepreneur with a background in programming. Simon also has years of experience in health care equipment management.

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