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According to KPMG, 2018 saw over $300 billion volume in acquisitions, buyouts, and IPOs for investment-backed companies:

Most investors, however, lack access to this important and growing segment of the blockchain economy. Further, although startup investments can potentially yield high returns, they are also riskier than normal investments. The main benefit First Bitcoin Incubator offers is a way for BITCF shareholders to gain exposure to a portfolio of startups without the risks and restrictions associated with direct individual startup investment. Another benefit is that by focusing on the growing blockchain industry, liquidity can be realized earlier through the generation and sale of cryptocurrencies than would be possible through traditional funding models.

Incubators and accelerators are playing an increasingly important role in the startup ecosystem, providing entrepreneurs help with the fundraising, partnerships, networking, advice, and vetting needed to expand their businesses. According to a report by Gust, accelerators and incubators invested over $200 million in 11,000 startups in 2016, with 178 exits for the year:

As a publicly traded company, First Bitcoin offers startups the additional benefit of introducing its portfolio companies to its network of over 10,000 shareholders and potential investors following the stock. Access to this network could be particularly valuable to startups looking to create awareness for their products or doing crowdfunding campaigns.

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