BOTS INC Advances Tokenomics of Its Premier Cryptocurrency in the Emerging Decentralized Finance (Defi) Sector

Announcing New Updates to First Bitcoin (Coin:Bit) As a Defi Token Now Also Available On Binance Smartchain

SAN JUAN, PUERTO RICO / ACCESSWIRE / July 6, 2021 / BOTS, Inc. (BTZI), an emerging innovator of products, technologies, and services for the rapidly growing digital robotic automation and manufacturing industry, announced today that it has add BIT on Binance Smartchain as an alternative way to own BIT. While First Bitcoin was the first to develop a coin utilizing the symbol BIT, others have sprung up using this same symbol; therefore, readers of this news should be careful to avoid any confusion by matching the name “First Bitcoin” with the symbol.

First Bitcoin was designed by First Bitcoin Capital Corp (OTC:BITCF) to provide individuals and communities access to a cryptocurrency that enables a savings program, micro-payments, and to earn interest or stake their $BIT holdings utilizing the DeFi (Decentralized Finance) protocols. Initially, we only provided a limited amount of staking via Proof of Stake (POS) mining to enhance mining merely by keeping holders’ bit wallets opened to earn more coins. We then upgraded staking by adding an Ethereum Dapp (Decentralized Application) that allows holders of BIT to deposit their coins via the website to earn greater interest utilizing the Ethereum blockchain increasing earnings up to 5.4% per month without the need to mine. This new approach will not stop holders from POS mining in the original blockchain. Owners of BIT on the First Bitcoin Blockchain now have greater access to BIT through both Ethereum based UNISWAP decentralized apparatus as well as Binance and are invited to contact us for instructions to convert their original BIT into the Binance or Ethereum based BIT. BOTS, Inc now owns the majority of all mined BIT on all three blockchains. The new BIT Ethereum and Binance tokens were generated only for the purpose of swapping out of the original BIT and not to add to the total supply and can be swapped back to the original coins as well as between Binance and Etherum Blockchains.

International Bankers magazine described DeFi as “decentralized finance-that is, the application of financial services using decentralized technology such as blockchain. DeFi projects aim to provide financial services that do not require centralized entities or financial intermediaries, or middlemen to operate. Uniswap is a decentralized exchange ideal to perform these functions, including staking utilizing a “MetaMask.” Adding of liquidity and trading BIT on UNISWAP can be witnessed here:

Trading of BIT on Pancake swap:

One of the best features on the Binance ecosystem is that there is a penalty for selling coins. For every transaction, the smart contract charges a 10% fee. Half of that fee is split among existing holders, encouraging investors not to sell their tokens.

“At present, ‘trust’ within the global financial system is largely represented by systemically important financial institutions and regulatory bodies. Have they been successful in instilling sufficient trust? That’s debatable at best. Errors, delays, and security vulnerabilities have certainly not been infrequent. Nor have these entities been shy when it has come to taking their own pieces of the pie in exchange for providing this purported layer of trust. And what’s more, there have been depressingly few signs over the years and decades of their willingness to be more innovative, cost-effective, or efficient.

“It is with such limitations in mind that the DeFi revolution has gathered steam. DeFi is about creating a network of financial services that seamlessly function without the need for intermediaries that could hold an unfair and inefficient controlling stake in the operation of the system. ‘The simplest way to describe DeFi is as an open financial network,’ Peter Johnson, ex-Morgan Stanley banker and now a partner at fintech (financial technology) venture-capital firm Jump Capital, recently told Fortune magazine. ‘If you want to send, lend or borrow money, you don’t need to join a private network like PayPal or Fedwire or a bank.'”

BIT’s purpose is to provide long-term daily income, a communication network already built into the system, access for better education and healthcare services, and a range of other social benefits to the global community.

About BOTS, Inc.

Headquartered in San Juan, Puerto Rico, BOTS, Inc., a publicly-traded OTC Markets innovator trading under the symbol (BTZI) – is a diversified company developing and servicing blockchain and robotics solutions for its clientele. The Company is committed to driving the innovations needed to shape the future of digital robotic automation management through digital technology and decentralized blockchain solutions. Management is dedicated to the strong growth of Distributed Asset Technology and Robotic Process Automation (RPA).

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About First Bitcoin Capital Corp

First Bitcoin Capital Corp (OTC:BITCF) is the largest shareholder of Bots, Inc. as a result of exchanging the majority of its assets therefor, but began developing digital currencies, proprietary blockchain technologies in early 2014. We saw this step as a tremendous opportunity to create further shareholder value by leveraging management’s experience in developing and managing complex blockchain technologies and in developing new types of digital assets. Being the first publicly-traded cryptocurrency and blockchain-centered company, we provide our shareholders with diversified exposure to digital cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies.

The Company began developing its own blockchain and cryptocurrency called First Bitcoin (COIN:BIT) in 2016. Prior to transferring the majority of this asset to Bots, Inc., the Company updated the BIT wallet and added more functionality. Users are able to generate BIT through the processes of POW and POS mining. The First Bitcoin cryptocurrency has a current supply of 20,707,629,255 BIT

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