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    Unlike any other public companywe are the first entity to enter the lucrative crypto-currency space.

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    We are currently working on several projects: CoinQX, PetroBLOQ, BitcoinATM & More

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First Bitcoin

Unlike any other public company in the marketplace, First Bitcoin Capital Corp. is the first vertically integrated, publicly-traded Bitcoin entity to enter the lucrative crypto-currency space.

The company seeks to vertically consolidate each and every segment of the digital currency arena in order to promote and help the digital currency industry grow.

The goal of First Bitcoin Capital Corp., which is comprised of seasoned financial and technology experts with diverse backgrounds and education, is to acquire Bitcoin start-ups, raise funding and invest in companies that are developing Bitcoin software or hardware applications.

First Bitcoin Capital Corp. is currently trading on OTC Markets under the symbol BITCF.

  • Mining/hardware: investing in computer software to run the complex mathematical algorithms needed to mine different digital currencies, such as Bitcoin, Litecoin and others.
  • Coinqx.com: developing digital currency exchanges to facilitate the conversion of Bitcoin and other online currencies. This will include the creation of digital wallets where users can securely buy, sell and accept Bitcoin and other currencies.
  • Providing liquidity to worldwide Bitcoin and digital currency exchanges.
  • Promotion/ education: engaging, encouraging and educating the everyday consumer and merchants about the value of accepting Bitcoin and the benefits it provides.
  • Business to consumer or B2C: developing online stores and various platforms whose goods and services will exclusively support the acceptance of Bitcoin.
  • Research and Development: developing innovative technologies that will promote the use of digital currency and conduct extensive research in other emerging forms of cryptocurrency.


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